Stephenson Academy Mission

What I want to do for you by purchasing this course is hopefully demystify the Risk Management Framework and develop your skills from zero to hero. This is important to me because it was the experience I forced myself through with the compassionate coworkers who were asked a thousand questions daily. Allow me to be the compassionate coworker who wants to see you surpass me and improve the Risk Management Framework world.

"From Security Guard to Senior Consultant"

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Ron Stephenson

Hey, Welcome to the course. I am Ron Stephenson, and you might be wondering who this guy is. I can best describe myself by telling you about my journey. I started my IT journey over five years ago with the United States Military; what fascinated me was its ever-changing nature and, on the civilian side, how it was up to me to create my career road map. My road map certainly didn’t expect this; with the military, I landed my first IT job on the help desk, and from there, I was promoted to a system administrator role supporting a few thousand users and equipment. Following that fantastic experience, I crossed over to network operations, learning networking, bounces, and production and development areas. After that, I went into a senior-level role as a security control assessor, where I am now a cyber engineer. These roles don’t tell you how I’ve honed my interviewing and resume development skills with over three hundred rejections in two months. This doesn’t tell you my journey to learn RMF from zero to SME level to ensure I still had a job. Plus, it doesn’t tell you the mental and physical demands of sleepless nights studying.